Is that the end of Monero privacy?

A platform called CipherTrace that is dedicated to cryptoanalysis has apparently filed a patent for a technology that will be able to track monero transactions. Monero has stood out among privacy currencies because it is the only one of the largest market-capitalization cryptocurrencies that provides privacy by default. That is, it is extremely difficult for someone to find the data of a transaction, which is not the case with other privacy currencies.Until now, everyone thought this was practically impossible, until now CipherTrace has declared that they have the means to do so. Vulnerating cryptography systems is extremely difficult and the monero project has a virtually inviolable transaction delivery system.

Monero has mandatory private transactions

Monero from its protocol allows your transactions to be 100% private and mandatory and for everyone, that is, it is not something optional as it works in Dash or Zcash where there are some transactions that are anonymous but the vast majority are not. In the money transactions are hidden both the shipping address, as well as the amounts requested. In this way the only ones aware of the movement are the parties directly involved in the transaction.

With respect to the CipherTrace announcement, a monero representative said that he doubts the veracity of this note. But in the event that it is true, the developers of monero could increase the levels of security in their technology by leaving the alleged patents at the starting point again.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that has not been appreciated as much, but it represents the best option for privacy in the crypt world. Created in April 2014, it came to market offering its users fast transactions at low cost and in an anonymous environment far from the transparent block chains offered by bitcoin and ether platforms.

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