Libra from Facebook to be launched in January

It is already a fact Libra from Facebook will be launched in the month of January as a stablecoin in dollars. Mark Zukenberg’s company was in the eye of the storm because of some irregularities in their platform, regarding the information they give about users. Apart from this, the regulatory body of the Swiss markets is waiting for the approval of the Libra project to be definitively launched in the market as a stablecoin that, at first, will only be anchored to the dollar.

The Libra association based in Geneva has declared that with the passage of time the range will be opened up to other fiduciary currencies, the pound, the euro and the yuan will be added. For the time being this will open up a large market in different continents. It will open the possibility for many people to log in and pay through Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram products and services.

We will see if in a first moment of throwing the stablecoin Libra they will also throw the Calibra wallet to be able to use the currency or if there will be an extension in the Facebook products to be able to pay with Libra.

This change of perspective in the Facebook ecosystem will bring different people into the world of cryptocurrencies and that can also attract them to the market so it can be very positive for the cryptoeconomy. Last year Facebook made an attempt to launch Libra. But regulators and central banks around the world began to express concerns about a possible disruption of financial stability and an erosion of overall power over money.

Let’s wait until January, very soon, to see the repercussions that this new factor will have in the world of stablecoins that are presented as an alternative to the great fluctuations in the price of bitcoin.

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