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Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
DHeGyKsh5UPy8FEGcaoZMXK4Mni3MT8GLJ110000 satoshi2021-09-18 17:51:16
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-18 15:19:04
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-18 14:42:54
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-18 14:39:34
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-18 14:36:14
DHeGyKsh5UPy8FEGcaoZMXK4Mni3MT8GLJ110000 satoshi2021-09-17 17:53:34
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-17 06:47:32
DHeGyKsh5UPy8FEGcaoZMXK4Mni3MT8GLJ110000 satoshi2021-09-16 16:06:31
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-16 15:02:23
DQxnbDoistkrP1N8GWUXqvLU9R5PXhZvMc110000 satoshi2021-09-16 14:54:08
August 3, 2021 - Updating Site

Dear user, we have been working on new sections and adding more information to the faucets, sorry for the inconvenience.

June 20, 2021 - Increased payments

Dear user, to celebrate we have increased payments and referrals to all users

June 18, 2021 - We are launching a new platform

Dear user, first we apologize for these few months offline, we have been analyzing and testing different platforms, we have decided to stay with this one, we will still be making some changes, we hope they are with us again and thanks to the users.